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INETA Component Code Challenge Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the INETA Component Code Challenge who were selected from all submitted entries to win a trip to Tech·Ed 2011 North America in Atlanta in May including airfare, hotel and conference pass. The winners are Ron Puckett and Greg Gum. Ron’s entry used Telerik components to create TechFlix, a home movie library manager. Greg’s entry was a Silverlight email client that used ComponentOne components. All entries showed interesting use of our third party control sponsors.

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries and to our judges for their contribution. There will be another Component Code Challenge coming soon so start thinking of more ways to use third party controls for a chance to win another great educational prize.

All submissions can be viewed online at


  • Ron Puckett
  • Greg Gum

Honorable Mention:

  • Saif Khan
  • Henry Lee
  • Preetham Reddy
  • Jim Szubryt

INETA Community Leadership Summit at Tech·Ed 2011 in Atlanta

INETA Community Leadership Summit 2011

INETA Community Leadership Summit will be taking place on Sunday May 15th at 1PM at Tech·Ed North America in Atlanta, Georgia.

INETA is hosting a free Community Leadership Summit Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday May 15th at 1:00 PM prior to the start of Tech·Ed 2011. The summit is open to Community Leaders from the area, as well as those attending Tech·Ed from across the country and around the world. It is an excellent opportunity for exchanging information and ideas.

If you are a user group leader, or are involved in the leadership, planning, promotion, or day-to-day operations of a user group community, this event is for YOU! The summit is an open forum to share ideas, discuss common challenges, and gain from the experience of other leaders. INETA Community Leadership summits are part of an ongoing effort by INETA to create, improve and share resources designed to strengthen individual user groups and the community. This meeting will be the perfect opportunity to meet leaders from other groups, benefit from their success stories, and expand your network of contacts.

Get more information and register now for this exciting event at

INETA Community Champion Excellence Award Winner 2010

Twice a year the INETA Community Champions Selection Committee has one of the hardest decisions to make. They have to sift through the pile of nominations and select one person to receive this prestigious award. This time it was no different and, with so many outstanding nominations, they could only select one. It is our distinct pleasure to thank Kevin Hazzard for everything he has done and announce him as the recipient of the 2010 INETA Community Champions Excellence Award.

Kevin Hazzard Kevin Hazzard (LinkedIn profile) is a consultant, entrepreneur and Microsoft MVP (MVP profile) who enjoys speaking at user groups, Code Camps and conferences all over the US. He leads the Code Camp in Richmond, Virginia. Kevin has served multiple terms on Virginia’s Joint Commission on Technology and Science as an advisor to governors and legislatures. He holds patents for peer-to-peer networking technology and served as one of Intel Corporation’s representatives to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) when he worked in the Intel Architecture Labs. Nowadays, Kevin loves writing and speaking about our industry and getting to know as many friends throughout the developer community as he can. For his day job, Kevin is a consultant with CapTech Consulting, a management consulting and software development firm of 250 professionals based in Richmond, and runs The Developer Journey Co., a company dedicated to advancing the craft of software development through mentoring and peer training. Kevin also serves as the president of the advisory board for the IT program at the college where he’s been an instructor for the past eleven years. 

Congratulations Q4 2010 INETA Community Champions

The purpose of the INETA Community Champion Award program is to recognize individuals with the highest levels of contributions. Those exceptional leaders and volunteers who devote innumerable hours towards hosting user group meetings, organizing Code Camps and special events, mentoring and supporting their members, publishing newsletters, updating web sites, and the list goes on and on. The Community Champion program provides INETA with an opportunity to showcase the efforts of our user group communities as a whole as well as provide individual recognition. Recognition that we hope will open doors to networking opportunities, potential sponsors, future employers or partnerships.

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the Q4 2010 INETA Community Champion Award!

  • Andy Dunn
  • Rod Paddock
  • Mike Neel
  • Stephen Bohlen
  • Darrel Norton
  • Julie Yack
  • Shawn Weisfeld
  • Sergey Barskiy
  • Keith Elder
  • Anita Luthra
Community Champions

Special thanks to everyone who took the time and energy to participate in this program. Keep contributing to your local developer community and submit your activities through the Champs program. This is your chance to show the world what community leadership is all about and to gain some of the recognition that you deserve! For additional information and to view past winners, please go to the Community Champions site.

INETA Congratulates Microsoft on the Launch of Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is released! “Fast is now beautiful”

Sites are instant with one-click access to your favorite sites right from the taskbar. Sites amaze with hardware-accelerated graphics and HTML5. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let the potential of the web shine through.

Read about the new pinned sites feature of IE9 which allows websites to be integrated into the Windows 7 desktop. With pinned sites enabled for a website, users can pin that site to the Windows 7 taskbar or add the site to the desktop or Start menu.
Pinned Sites: Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9

Developers! Developers! Developers! Click here to learn how to integrate IE9’s pinned sites feature into your website. The pinned sites feature allows users to pin websites onto their windows 7 desktop. This article covers the use of metadata, custom Jump Lists, notification icons, and Thumbnail Preview toolbar controls.
Pinned sites: Developer Guide

Want to learn to create a website using the pinned site feature? Follow the link to learn how to create a basic pinned site using the Channel9 Podcast Player. You will also learn key strategies which will help you promote the functionality to users of your website!
How to Create a Basic Pinned Site

Developers, learn how to use the Pinned Site API to create dynamic and personalized Jump Lists that are relevant to the user. This scenario introduces the TweetFeed sample application.
How to Create Dynamic Jump Lists

HTML 5 allows developers to create websites with less code and more capabilities. Check out this sample audio player that was built using the <audio> element and IE9’s improved XML support.
How to Create an HTML5 Audio Player

Want to create a location aware page? Check out this article about the Geolocation API in IE9 which allows a web application to access the current geographical location of a computer or device running the browser. This can be used to display up-to-date local information such as weather or news reports.
How to Create a Location-Aware Webpage

Check out the eye-popping future of the internet with this IMDb Video Panorama example. This sample showcases the abilities of IE9 by combining the power of HTML5 and CSS3 into one seamless user experience.
HTML5: IMDb Video Panorama Demo

Download IE9 now

Rock, Paper, Azure!

Get ready to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a few twists! We’ll introduce you to the newest version of the schoolyard game – played in the Windows Azure cloud. You’ll quickly get up to speed on downloading and deploying your own Microsoft Visual Studio “Bot Lab” project so you start coding your very own “bot” to battle against the competition. You’ll see how your bot ranks against other players on the live, leaderboard and learn how to make adjustments before the final weekly round on Fridays.

Help inspire the next generation: Vote Now for Imagine Cup People’s Choice Award!

By 2014, 1,000,000 computer and information-related jobs are expected to be added to the U.S. workforce but only 50% will have qualified graduates to fill them due to declining enrollment in Computer Science.


Today, voting for Imagine Cup People’s Choice award has started.  Please help us inspire the next generation.  We ask every Ineta community mentor, speaker, leader and user group member to get involved by:

1.       Vote, and vote every day by “liking” their favorite team on Facebook each day during the People’s Choice Awards March 23th– April 9th.

2.       Share this message with 10 friends, family, partners and customers and ask them to do the same by “liking” them on Facebook each day during the People’s Choice Awards March 23th– April 9th.

These students are genuinely addressing some of the worlds’ toughest challenges and have created projects leveraging Windows Phone, Cloud, and the Microsoft stack to cure cancer, raise environmental awareness, and bring aid to those in need.


Thanks in advance for your support!

 Meet the Finalists…

A look at the student teams behind some of the most compelling projects of Imagine Cup 2011

 The 22 teams that comprise the US Finalists represent some of the best and brightest students from across the nation. Individually and together, they have envisioned bold projects and creative approaches to tackle critical issues such as ecological sustainability, disease monitoring and treatment, poverty, environmental awareness, and even transit assistance for the visually impaired. A summary of their Imagine Cup entries are featured below; to learn more about their team, their project, and their goals, visit their Student Team Page on Facebook.



Software Design










Game Design












INETA North America 2011 Board Election Results

The elections are final and here are the results.



  • James Johnson – Director (@latringo)
  • Lori McKinney – Director
  • Dane Morgridge – Director (@danemorgridge)
  • Mark Rowe – Director
  • Chris Woodruff – Director (@cwoodruff)

INETA welcomes back previous Board members Joe, Robin and Lori and extends a warm welcome to new Officers Steve and Chris C. and Board members James, Dane, Mark and Chris W.

Please help us in welcoming the new members who have graciously volunteered their time to make INETA and the community better.