Tech Ed Day 4 – Getting in, getting out …

The last installment from our INETA Tech Ed Ambassador, Ralph Rivas


And so, as they say, all good things …

I will say in advance that the only major thing missing from this posting is what happened at the Tech Ed Party which I missed as I was making my way back to Chicago (I did not get back until after midnight but, hey, the perils of commercial travel, right?)  Hopefully one of the other’s will post something to help complete the story of this crew (and the one motley guy in front)


It definitely felt like an abbreviated day and, no, I did not win anything either other than the esteem of my new friends, I hope ;-)  Oh, there are the three excellent classes I managed to make it to that day (John Papas, Corey Roth and the SharePoint Cowboy Eric Shupps) but, again, topics for whole blogs to themselves.

I did do my best to get some bargains at the Tech Ed Store (30% off everything except books which were 25% the whole show and 50% for Tech Ed branded items of which only a ladies size 0 t-shirt and a notebook was left by the time I got there … note to self, get there EARLIER next time.)  and especially a new bag to replace my back pack.

We were hoping to get more action at the booth today but with all the last minute swag hunting, it was not as easy.

Anyways, that is it for me on this series (for now)  …

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