#RandomActsOfCommunity brought to you by INETA NorAm

For more than a decade INETA’s been helping professional user groups.  We’ve helped you have great speakers.  We’ve sent swag boxes.  We see you at conferences.  We’re not stopping those things.

But what else do you need?

Tell us. Here.

We have launched #RandomActsOfCommunity.  It’s a quick simple form to tell us what you need.  I don’t want to put limits on your thinking, but a few ideas could be… our group has a strong interest in XYZ tech and XYZ rock-star speaker needs help getting here to speak…our group is going to lose our free meeting space can you help us pay for space for a few months…

The rules are simple and not many.  Whatever we do must be completed by end of calendar 2015.  Requests need to share the giving spirit of INETA.  We’d like you to have a relationship with INETA, but aren’t putting that as a firm requirement, however member groups will have priority.  You can ask on behalf of your own group or another, or share another need that is in our professional community and we’ll see what we can do.  The decisions of the INETA Board of Directors are final.

And, if we pick you #RandomActOfCommunity, it would be cool to get a social media shout-out of thanks.