Monthly Archives: December 2015

INETA North America is Closed

Scrolling through our blog archives and I am again reminded what has made INETA what it is. Or I guess now it’s what made INETA what it was. A great place. No a great home, for the developer community. I want this to be a positive post, but there is a sadness that regardless of the reason, INETA is closing down.

INETA has helped each of us realize our own potential. How many of us got started on our speaking careers from user group events? How many MVPs have come through our INETA doors? How many lifelong friends have we all made because of INETA? In an industry with such an awful ratio of men to women in the workplace, INETA was always promoting our techie women, from speakers to leaders. And countless developers came to us to learn. To make themselves better. What an honor to have played any part in that.

There are far too many people to thank that helped make INETA. And all of you continue to make an impact on the lives around you. I urge you to continue this long after INETA is shuttered.

I genuinely thank you.

Julie Yack
President, INETA North America