INETA Community Speakers Program

Community Speakers Program

The INETA Community Speakers Program facilitates connecting those who want to speak at user groups and community gatherings such as code camps with user groups and event organizers looking for speakers.

For those who want to speak, all you have to do is register yourself. Your registration record will tell others a little about you including topics you can speak on and where you are interested in speaking.

For user group leadership, you can search for potential speakers and launch a peer-to-peer conversation to make appropriate arrangements. The program is designed such that a user group could potentially schedule all of its speakers here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Speakers Program

Q:What is the goal of this program?
A:To help get more speakers doing presentations at a regional level by facilitating the connection between user groups leaders and speakers, both by helping showcase speakers and their areas of expertise and helping groups get the speakers and topics they want. Through this program, we also want to work to increase the presentation skills of speakers and help provide resources and future speaking opportunities for them.

Q:What is the advantage of the INETA Community Speakers Program over what I've been doing for years?
A:The goal of the program is to help connect user group leaders with speakers. Some speakers are very well connected already as are many user group leaders, and may not need as much assistance in making the connections. For them the program becomes a way to showcase their speaking activities as we add event history and group reviews to speaker profiles. This may help individuals gain exposure and establish a track record for conference speaking events and program such as the Microsoft MVP awards. For those already well connected, well established with conferences and MVP programs, the benefit goes back to the overall community and user group leaders that may not have direct contact with the speaker, this makes it easy for new group leaders get plugged in. In general, participating helps the overall community and is not just about what's in it for me.

Q:Who can participate?
A:This is open to any speakers wishing to present to INETA groups or code camps.

Q:How does this compare with other speaker lists?
A:Our goal is to make this much more than just a list. Funding and event ratings are already in place. Speaker training and additional speaking opportunities are in the works.

Q:Who benefits?
A:INETA member user groups benefit by being able to find speakers in their "region" that they might not be aware of. Speakers benefit from increased exposure with the community and a way to share their willingness to speak on specific topics. At the end of the day, we hope that the overall developer community benefits.

Q:What criteria are considered "regional"? Is it “drivable” or is it up to the speaker's convenience?
A:It is mostly up to the speaker. Some may be willing to travel longer distances or may have the opportunity to combine speaking opportunities with business or personal travel.

Q:Can National Speakers Bureau members participate in this program as well?
A:There is no more National Speakers Bureau. All speakers fall under the same rules and guidelines of the Community Speakers Program.

Q:Can Microsoft employees participate in this program as well?
A:Yes, we want to make sure the groups are aware of the resources available through Microsoft. This includes Developer Evangelists in the field, but also individuals from product groups and other areas that may be willing and able to speak in different regions. Microsoft employees are not eligible to receive funding.

Q:Is there funding?
A:The Community Speakers Program offers limited gas money to assist speakers who travel outside of their immediate community.

>120 miles round trip$50
> 240 miles round trip$100
> 360 miles round trip$200

NOTE: Additional events that are hosted on unique days and occur within the same trip are paid at $50 per event regardless of round trip miles.

Q:What events are eligible for speaker reimbursement?
A:Any free user group meeting or community-driven conference charging no more than $25 for attendance.

Q:How do I add to the list of topics?
A:Just send an email request to

Q:Why isn’t there a limit to the number of "regions" a community speaker can select?
A:We don’t want to create artificial restrictions. A speaker may travel frequently as part of their job and be willing and available to speak in a broad number of locations.

Q:Is there a logo I can use on my group's page when we're having a Community Speaker?
A:Sure is. The url is We'd appreciate you including the fact that the person presenting is an INETA Community Speaker Program member.

Q:How do I get started making a request?
A:Log in using your group leader credentials and search for a speaker you'd like to reqest and submit the request. You must be a group leader to make a request. If you are logged in and still don't see the request button, check with INETA support.

NOTE: As a group leader or a requested speaker, you must be logged in to complete the required steps.

Find more answers in the Community Speaker Program Welcome letter or by emailing the Speaker committee.

As with all INETA programs, we strive to deliver the maximum amount of value for our sponsorship money.  As such, programs are subject to periodic review and may increase, decrease, or potentially be discontinued.  Your continued feedback is appreciated.

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