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Special Offer to INETA Members – Join IEEE Computer Society Now through December 2016 for only $99

As promised in my initial message about a month ago, I would like to formally present a special offer for INETA members to join the IEEE Computer Society.

Join the Computer Society today for only $99. That is a 20% savings off the 2016 membership year price, PLUS you get the rest of the 2015 membership year for FREE.

Computer Society member benefits and resources are designed to help you move your career forward by building your knowledge base through publications and journals, creating connections through networking and technical committees, and advancing your career with certifications.

Your Computer Society membership won’t stop there. Below is a list of all the benefits of being a member.

· Computer magazine – stay on top of key industry trends and determine how they impact your work with a subscription to the society’s monthly award-winning flagship magazine

· 12 FREE digital downloads (a $120 value) from the Computer Society Digital Library with over 550,000 peer-reviewed and published articles

· Member-Only Webinar Series – explore today’s hottest topics presented by leading industry subject matter experts – Attend 3 FREE with membership

· Receive ComputingEdge, our new digest compiling articles from all 13 Computer Society magazines, PLUS a SECOND FREE digital publication – choose IEEE Software, IEEE Security & Privacy, IT Professional, or IEEE Micro.

· Technical Courses – More than 3,000 in-depth training courses to prepare you to understand issues and technologies that affect your work.

· Certification Programs designed to showcase your technical knowledge and improve your career opportunities. CISM, CISSP, PMP, CISA, ScrumMaster, CCDA, CCNP (routing and switching), MCSE, CEH, and ITIL v3 Foundation – all the courses, videos, practice exams, mentoring, and support you need are included to prepare for exams.

· Continue similar work you were doing at INETA by joining a Technical Committee (TC) or a Special Technical Committee (STC) – TCs have numerous roles such as developing programs that support student activities, affect the development of standards and creating online tutorials. STCs are interactive communities in emerging topic areas that help develop new products and services.

· Technical Books and Videos – Over 6,600 Safari Books Online and Books24x7 are yours as a Computer Society member. Plus 11,000 videos from Skillsoft.

Again, you’ll get all of the above plus deep discounts on conferences and workshops as well as a email alias.

To get the 2016 membership discounted by 20%, the remainder of the 2015 membership year for free and your 2nd FREE magazine use these promo codes below during registration:

For IEEE Software use INETASOFT

For IEEE Security & Privacy use INETASP

For IT Professional use INETAITP


Go to to join IEEE Computer Society today.

Don’t delay! This special offer ends on 30 September 2015.

If you have any further questions about joining the Computer Society please reach out to myself at or reach out to my colleague and Director of Membership, Eric Berkowitz at

All the best,

Michael Viron

Region 3 Coordinator (Southeastern US & Jamaica), Computer Society

Member, Geographic Unit Operations Committee, Computer Society

Chapter Chair, Computer & Communications Joint Society, Northwest Florida, IEEE

Offer to INETA members from the Computer Society of IEEE

I was sorry to see the news that INETA North America will be closing down at the end of the calendar year. INETA, through its more than 700 user groups, has been a significant presence for technical professionals for more than 13 years supporting numerous events, speakers, and worldwide collaboration during that time in communities just like yours.

I know INETA is still operating under a business as usual approach, but I would like to reach out and extend a hand, as we are like-minded organization with similar end goals. Just like INETA, the Computer Society of IEEE, has been servicing IT professionals, developers, and programmers for nearly 70 years. If you are a user group leader and would like to reach out to the Computer Society chapter (or IEEE presence) in your local area to look into joint meetings, to find out what activities are occurring, or to facilitate a visit from one of the speakers in our many speaker programs, please do so.

For those interested, there are also many free resources, such as the Special Technical Communities which share information and collaborate on a number of topics, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and smartgrid. You can find 11 other fields currently available at along with steps on how to create your own. We are eager to continue growing this new and valuable resource, so if there are fields that would be of special interest to the INETA community, please let us know.

Additional information for those wanting to join the IEEE Computer Society as a member will be forthcoming in an upcoming message.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself at or reach out to my colleague and Senior Manager of Member & Geographic Activities of the Computer Society, Theodore Rozolis at .

All the best,

Michael Viron

Region 3 Coordinator (Southeastern US & Jamaica), Computer Society

Member, Geographic Unit Operations Committee, Computer Society

Chapter Chair, Computer & Communications Joint Society, Northwest Florida, IEEE

Syncfusion Offers the Most Comprehensive Development Toolkit on the Market for Free

Syncfusion recently released the free Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community License. Valued at up to $9,975, it provides individual and small business developers access to the most comprehensive development toolkit on the market at no cost. We know this probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

What’s included?

All products available in Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and Syncfusion Plus are included in our community license: 650 components across 12 platforms, an easy-to-use big data platform, and a lot more. The best part is that updates and our timely support are also included.

Who’s eligible?

If you’re an individual developer or work for a small business (with annual gross revenue below $1 million USD), you’re eligible to use our products and start building commercial applications. Up to five users within a small business can download the license.

Why is this being offered?

In the words of our Vice President, Daniel Jebaraj, “The community license is our way of giving back to the community. We want to support the individual and small business developer by offering our tremendous capabilities at no cost, and with no expiration date. What we offer is not a subset of Essential Studio but the real deal. Customers using the community license will receive the exact same bits that we ship to our other customers. What is more exciting is that we offer free technical support to every customer licensed under the community license!”

Because we are so thankful to be a sponsor of INETA, we have given each participant of the birthday celebration a certificate to download the community license!

Learn more about the Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community license, and download yours today!


Syncfusion Invites INETA Users to Try Our Custom Tools and Free Resources

Development is a time-sensitive, and often pricy, job that relies on efficiency. That’s where we come in. We are Syncfusion, and we’re committed to supporting the developer community.

We’re the enterprise technology partner of choice for Windows development and, as of October 2014, cross-platform mobile applications. We deliver a broad range of software frameworks and custom tools, and offer a number of excellent free resources. We also sponsor code camp and user group events, and offer hobbyist licenses for each product in our line for just $1 USD.

Whether you need to deploy predictive analytics solutions within .NET applications, develop and implement big data solutions, or simply browse resources, we provide the valuable tools you’re looking for.

Essential Predictive Analytics allows users to predict the future based on existing data using R, SAS, or SPSS. A .NET execution engine is included to execute the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) format and provide real-time results—all without any third-party dependencies. There is even an option to deploy to the Microsoft HDInsight implementation of Hadoop and evaluate millions of data points.

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform is the first and only of its kind: a Hadoop-based platform that combines tools such as Sqoop, Pig, and Hive into a single installer for Windows. Hadoop is an industry-tested solution used by companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. Our Big Data Platform provides a visual interface for performing common operations in Hadoop, downloads in less than 15 minutes, and is absolutely free to use.

Our collection of more than 50 developer e-books—known as the Succinctly series—covers essential content on popular technologies. From Linux to MATLAB, TypeScript to Windows Store Apps, JavaScript to jQuery, topics are covered in less than 100 ad-free pages. And, like many of our other resources, all e-books are free to download.

If you’re looking to save time and money on your next project, we can help. We invite INETA users to browse our website and to take a look at the wide selection of products and tools that Syncfusion offers.


ComponentOne Releases ActiveReports 8 with a new .NET Reporting Engine and Self-Service Options

by Eve Turzillo, Communications Manager, ComponentOne


Create Sophisticated and Fast .NET Reports with Layout Designers and new Data Visualization Tools

PITTSBURGH, PA – January 14, 2014 – ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner ecosystem, today announced the release of ActiveReports 8. The successor to ActiveReports 7, ActiveReports 8 is a .NET reporting tool for HTML5, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Windows Azure. With familiar Visual Studio designers and components, ActiveReports 8 offers its users an array of data visualization, server and designer capabilities.

“What sets ActiveReports 8 apart is the ability to create flexible layout reports ranging in functionality from form-based reports such as invoices and insurance documents, to transaction reports such as sales and accounting, to analytical reports such as budget and portfolio analysis, using just one tool,” said Bhupesh Malhotra, principal consultant at ComponentOne . “Whether for the desktop, web or touch devices, the ActiveReports 8 collection provides the tools to tackle both core and trending technologies.”

New to this 2014 release is the updated reporting engine in ActiveReports 8. Optimized for speed, the unique architecture of ActiveReports 8 allows the reporting engine to quickly read records from the data source and immediately render them to the output device. “The simplicity of the design allows the data to pass through quickly from processing to rendering,” said Malhotra.

ActiveReports 8 also features a brand new HTML5 viewer optimized for the mobile device user experience with a touch-friendly UI and gesture support. The viewer provides mobile-friendly features including offline reports, drill down capabilities and report distribution.

Being offered for the first time as an optional add-on to ActiveReports 8 is a new scalable, distributed and load balanced enterprise-grade report server. “Our server-based platform includes support for multi-tenant reporting, security extensibility, data caching along with report optimization features that every application needs to ensure high performance of the reports modules,” said Malhotra. The company’s website details how ActiveReports 8 Server has tailored its deployment capabilities specifically for developers, end-users and IT administrators.

Self-service reporting is a powerful business intelligence tool and ActiveReports 8 offers a new add-on Ad-hoc Designer. The 100% web-based ad hoc reporting solution enables business users to easily create interactive reports. Malhotra elaborated that the Ad-hoc Designer provides secure and scalable storage, plus support for multi-tenant reporting. “The ActiveReports 8 Ad-hoc Designer includes an SDK for accelerating self-service Business Intelligence (BI) and is significantly more effective than traditional reporting tools,” said Malhotra.

The ActiveReports 8 release includes two other key highlights, a new Map Report item for spatial and analytical geographical representation and enhanced Barcode support with options for integrated barcode functionality.

The ActiveReports 8 product page provides additional details on the new features included in this release.


ComponentOne offers no-charge, 30-day trials of ActiveReports 8 which may be downloaded at


Founded in 1980, GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a premier Visual Studio Industry Partner, and one of the world’s largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. For close to 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions. For more information, visit the ComponentOne division website at

Follow us on Twitter @componentone and “Like” us on


AAll product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners

INETA Congratulates Microsoft on the Launch of Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is released! “Fast is now beautiful”

Sites are instant with one-click access to your favorite sites right from the taskbar. Sites amaze with hardware-accelerated graphics and HTML5. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let the potential of the web shine through.

Read about the new pinned sites feature of IE9 which allows websites to be integrated into the Windows 7 desktop. With pinned sites enabled for a website, users can pin that site to the Windows 7 taskbar or add the site to the desktop or Start menu.
Pinned Sites: Windows 7 Desktop Integration with Internet Explorer 9

Developers! Developers! Developers! Click here to learn how to integrate IE9’s pinned sites feature into your website. The pinned sites feature allows users to pin websites onto their windows 7 desktop. This article covers the use of metadata, custom Jump Lists, notification icons, and Thumbnail Preview toolbar controls.
Pinned sites: Developer Guide

Want to learn to create a website using the pinned site feature? Follow the link to learn how to create a basic pinned site using the Channel9 Podcast Player. You will also learn key strategies which will help you promote the functionality to users of your website!
How to Create a Basic Pinned Site

Developers, learn how to use the Pinned Site API to create dynamic and personalized Jump Lists that are relevant to the user. This scenario introduces the TweetFeed sample application.
How to Create Dynamic Jump Lists

HTML 5 allows developers to create websites with less code and more capabilities. Check out this sample audio player that was built using the <audio> element and IE9’s improved XML support.
How to Create an HTML5 Audio Player

Want to create a location aware page? Check out this article about the Geolocation API in IE9 which allows a web application to access the current geographical location of a computer or device running the browser. This can be used to display up-to-date local information such as weather or news reports.
How to Create a Location-Aware Webpage

Check out the eye-popping future of the internet with this IMDb Video Panorama example. This sample showcases the abilities of IE9 by combining the power of HTML5 and CSS3 into one seamless user experience.
HTML5: IMDb Video Panorama Demo

Download IE9 now

Rock, Paper, Azure!

Get ready to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a few twists! We’ll introduce you to the newest version of the schoolyard game – played in the Windows Azure cloud. You’ll quickly get up to speed on downloading and deploying your own Microsoft Visual Studio “Bot Lab” project so you start coding your very own “bot” to battle against the competition. You’ll see how your bot ranks against other players on the live, leaderboard and learn how to make adjustments before the final weekly round on Fridays.

Help inspire the next generation: Vote Now for Imagine Cup People’s Choice Award!

By 2014, 1,000,000 computer and information-related jobs are expected to be added to the U.S. workforce but only 50% will have qualified graduates to fill them due to declining enrollment in Computer Science.


Today, voting for Imagine Cup People’s Choice award has started.  Please help us inspire the next generation.  We ask every Ineta community mentor, speaker, leader and user group member to get involved by:

1.       Vote, and vote every day by “liking” their favorite team on Facebook each day during the People’s Choice Awards March 23th– April 9th.

2.       Share this message with 10 friends, family, partners and customers and ask them to do the same by “liking” them on Facebook each day during the People’s Choice Awards March 23th– April 9th.

These students are genuinely addressing some of the worlds’ toughest challenges and have created projects leveraging Windows Phone, Cloud, and the Microsoft stack to cure cancer, raise environmental awareness, and bring aid to those in need.


Thanks in advance for your support!

 Meet the Finalists…

A look at the student teams behind some of the most compelling projects of Imagine Cup 2011

 The 22 teams that comprise the US Finalists represent some of the best and brightest students from across the nation. Individually and together, they have envisioned bold projects and creative approaches to tackle critical issues such as ecological sustainability, disease monitoring and treatment, poverty, environmental awareness, and even transit assistance for the visually impaired. A summary of their Imagine Cup entries are featured below; to learn more about their team, their project, and their goals, visit their Student Team Page on Facebook.



Software Design










Game Design












Devscovery 2011

Devscovery is embarking on a three city Know How Transfer tour in 2011.

Plan to join us in Redmond May 24th-26th, Raleigh September 19th-21st , or Austin October 18th-20th  to get in-depth .NET training that matters to you.

Register for any of these events by February 28th and receive $75 off the conference fee (use code IND). Devscovery is more than just another .NET conference -it is a premier training event where our experts put their real-world experience into your hands. Devscovery’s goal is to transfer Know How that will empower you – intermediate to advanced developers – with the knowledge you need to leverage the .NET technologies that are imperative to the applications and projects you are working on, on a daily basis. Plus, this year 50% of our Devscovery sessions are brand new! This will be an entirely new event you won’t want to miss.

To view the conference agenda click here.

To register click here.